Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Catch up"

Today, Kobi and Spencer came to work on grouting the tile in the bottom of the shower and the main floor. Kobi was cutting crown molding.
It is coming together, but pictures don't do it justice yet...so you will have to check back, but I am feeling good about the outcome so far...
Today was also a "catch up " day for me, since yesterday I did nothing but sleep.
So, I called Patti at Truly Tattered where I consigned the "farmhouse" table and many other items.
Remember the table? Miss Farmhouse?

She is a beautiful table but no matter how hard I tried, she just couldn't fit in...too much furniture I think. That is why she went to visit Patti. Well, today the table sold! It is going to a new home where "she" is truly needed!
I also created a table runner from some "faux" grain sack material...very sweet. That is in my shop WildOakDesigns.etsy.com

And a friend of mine, who is consigning some hats with me, has reduced her price to get them sold! They are beautiful hats! Very well made now vintage hats.... check them out at the store too! (They should be on page one).
Nice of my daughter to model them for me.....
So, no the bathroom isn't done, but will be soon....
Check back again and don't forget to look at WildOakDesigns.etsy.com for some fun items!
See you soon,

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