Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Garden

Ok, so today was basically the hot mop day for the bathroom. The contractor and his son got some work done, so there was progress, however due to pix today...
So, I thought I'd give you some pictures of the let's go for a walk....
First, out front most notably, I want to show you my collection of blueberries. You might not even notice them, but I now have 10 blueberry bushes, some 6 varieties. They are promising a full harvest year I think and have actually given me some already.

Yes, they are in pots. The pots have direct contact with the soil, so it appears that the plants have reached down to the ground. They get a special compost periodically and twice a year they get a dose of cottonseed meal. Where they are, they get water regularly due to sprinklers and the carrotwood tree above them drops leaves which adds to the soil underneath. They are happy, and last year I did have to cover the berries and most likely will again this year to protect against birds. Bluebirds love to feed their babies berries, so the plastic mesh will be out again.
Next, I want to show you one of my pots that I found (there are three) on Craigslist. These pots were about $12 each....
I think they are so wonderful, and I planted them and put them here beneath these tree roses (one on each corner of the driveway). It adds a bit of a regal touch, don't you think?
On this side of the lawn, we found a bird bath on Craigslist a couple of years ago, the winter garden doesn't look as wonderful right now, but you can see the white iris that is growing beneath the bird bath. 

It appears that the focus on my camera may have quit, sorry....
Let's go to the backyard....
Here we have a variety of raised beds and large pots. Here in Costa Mesa, in Southern California, we have adobe soil. It is horrid to work with and for the first 12 years I worked hard to make the soil better to grow, and finally gave up and my wonderful Hubby built raised bed for me. We started with two and now have four in the main lawn area and two large ones in the fenced area that used to be just veggie garden.
This picture shows  one of the beds. The beds are made with cedar fence boards, so they are 3' x 6'. We added the finials, which are also cedar and actually cost more than the whole box, but they give a great feel to the boxes. The one you are looking at is planted at the moment with garlic and the pot in front of it is a little 26" miniature peach tree that has already bloomed and set fruit! Sweet tree.
Another box is very full looking, it is full of fennel, onions and carrots...and the pot in front of it is a Jostaberry, which is a cross between a gooseberry and currant!
See the original garden?
It was fenced in years ago to keep the dog out, and separate it from the "play area", but now that the children are grown and moved out...and I wasn't happy with a tiny area. Those raised beds are are much bigger and are redwood. The finials vary,  they are the ones I collect at thrift stores and garage sales. They were intended to be used for draperies. The little sign reads "Mon Jardin"...
Oh, and let me introduce you to, Gilda, our Washington Navel orange....
This special orange tree got a name because that is a friend of ours who sold it to us at Home Depot. The tree is now loaded with lots of blooms and some have already set fruit. It is a dwarf tree which can quite comfortably live in a pot.
I actually have a theory that I can grow lots more trees by keeping them small, by growing them in pots. So in this part of the yard, all of the trees are in pots, which will keep them small.
So, we have three figs & two pears.
 I wanted to show you, but now the blog won't download the I will show you more of the garden later.
Hope you enjoy. I would love to answer questions that you might have.

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