Monday, February 13, 2012

Still working...

Many are asking how it's going...well, it is. Faster than I thought, but it is slow with an older home.
In 1959, houses with slabs instead of raised wood foundations need a different kind of updating.
Our slab is only 2-3' thick, set on sand that is placed on adobe soil. That is how they did it in those days.
The shower drain proved a bit interesting, though thanks to lots of prayers, it didn't crumble as some are known to do. The problem was that the drain was full of 52 years of stuff, much like veins fill with cholesterol. The contractor had to keep cutting back to a good part of the pipe to attach a new cast iron drain....This took ALL day. It entailed lots of cutting, sawing, vibrations, and digging. At one point I considered asking if we might start building a cellar, though a door from the shower wasn't a good idea....

This picture is only part of the hole that was the end it filled the entire width of the shower....but now, it is done and filled back in. All the dirt and sand was replaced and packed. Cement will fill in tomorrow and then Wednesday the hot mopper will arrive......phew!
All day I tried doing something constructive and managed to make a really sweet tablecloth and napkins and post another tablecloth that is all linen and two sided (
So, that is where we are. The contractor and I discussed placement of the lights, the plugs, and the height of the vanity. We discussed the new door and crown molding. We discussed the number of drawers and the counter top and backsplash that will be created from the remnant we bought. I was pleased that I had the lights with one all ready as visual aids and measurements and the mirrors got their moment to be seen and held up in the spot so our wonderful contractor Kobi could write info on the wall.
We also added a "convenience" plug for the front hall (on the other side of the bathroom) so we no longer need to plug the vacuum in the living room!
Tomorrow, his son, Spencer will be back to work some more on electrical plugs etc.
So, we are getting there...The old sofit is gone....the room will be lovely, keep posted!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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