Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Meanderings

It was one of the quiet Saturdays that we all need....
I didn't go garage sale-ing, or to an estate sale...
We just had a simple breakfast and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. 
We got dressed late in the morning and went to Patti's 1 year anniversary at Truly Tattered. I hope those in the area got to go...Patti has done such a great job getting the shop ready! She has some really great things in the shop, including some of the pieces that I brought her, it was great fun.

Then Hubbers and I  went to Quinn's in town for lunch and split and indulgent sandwich with fries!
After we got home for a change of clothes and freshen up, we went to A Photo Affair's grand opening....where we saw many friends and enjoyed Bruce Coye's great photographs and stories.....
It was a good day. 
I was able to post a vintage hand quilted quilt in my shop as well as a beautiful vintage quilt top that much of it was hand sewn! If there isn't interest in those I might just have to keep them. They are really cool....

These were estate sale finds from last week and are just perfect. A little aging spots and a touch of fading, but otherwise in great shape with really old fabrics...I estimate that they were created in the 40's.
Bless those of you who have become followers, thank you! Love reading your comments! 
Remember, Monday there will be more work on the bathroom and I will fill you in as it progresses.
have a great weekend!

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