Friday, February 10, 2012

Moving along....

Well, it is Friday evening. The contractor and his son have gone. They took with them 3,000 lbs of cement, tile, wood, wire, broken old toilet, door, mirror, old pipes and other goodies to the dump. Yup, 3,000lbs.
It is now bare bones. They still need to jack hammer up the area around the old drain to attach the new drain, and so they will begin some plumbing.
Other than the fact it is down to studs, it is really clean. They do a great job of cleaning up before they go...I really like that.
This is the shower. Funny doesn't look like it. As you can see plumbing definitely needs to be addressed. So does the wiring...These wires are ok, but while they are at it it will get updated for safety.
This is where the toilet goes, nothing gets moved, except that cleanout to the left, gets a newer cover, less obtrusive and less likely to freeze up (he actually thinks it probably is it hasn't ever been used.)
The vanity is going to be in the same place, but again new pipes (these are so occluded that it is scary). We will have two sinks (yeah) on the vanity, not just one.

You know, it is disconcerting to see the roof from the bathroom. One thinks how solid our houses are, but really 2 x 4's and smaller pieces. The wires all are just out there, of course that will be addressed.
It will be lovely when all is said and done. Keep posted. They will be back on Monday.....have a great weekend!

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