Saturday, February 4, 2012

Garage sale Saturday

Well, I was out and about is infectious to find a "deal".
I made my list all week, printed it and off I went with Belle (my lab) at my side. We found very little. We drove all over and on the way home we found a garage sale that wasn't on the list that had a great small frame for me to paint. Which I will show later. You know the type the brassy wood kind, not particularly special but it will be when I am done....well, I hope so.
Then, we went home and wonderful Hubby went with me to a garage sale in Corona del Mar. It had a few things that caught my eye. Mostly, for my own collection of clay cookware. I love clay cookware! Have you ever tried clay cookware? It is wonderful. It keeps food moist and gives a wonderful flavor to meats. I got started a little over a year ago and have collected too many pieces. These are little gratin dishes...just plain fun...I might serve hamburgers in them tomorrow.
Yesterday, was our daughter's birthday....we went to the San Juan Capistrano mission...can't believe I haven't ever been! It was a glorious day and that is where the picture in the blog came from....I will have to go back when the roses are in bloom....It was a great day!

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