Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Bathroom

Okay, so here it is, the before "reno".
I will keep you posted as it changes. Thursday morning early the contractor is coming, at 8 am, to begin the transformation of this 1959 original bathroom into a 2012 "French Country" bathroom. Imagine this.
This is the door to the bathroom from our bedroom. It measures 23 1/2". Kinda small....so that is one thing we are doing...enlarging the size of the door.  The contractor says he probably will not be able to make it 30" but seriously, 23 1/2"? Bigger will be helpful.
So, when we go into the bathroom, you are greeted by old black marble and a dusty rose sink.

 The paint on the vanity is me playing with ASCP (chalk paint)...you will see why at the end of this project. This whole "floating" vanity is coming out as is the large mirror. I have those two mirrors that I painted waiting for their starring role....
Then, there is the shower...the main reason all this started. You know the old rule, "...If it ain't broken don't fix it..."? Well, we have lived with this shower for 22 years. It has been fine...well, mostly. It has a valve issue that plumber fixed last year (again, third time)...temporarily, and now it is running cold...again. You cannot adjust the temperature or flow. You can try to "dial" it back so to speak, but what you get is a tepid shower and once in a while, warmer....
Then, the tile started cracking, well, it has been for several years...now it is harder to clean than ever, and honestly, I have given up.

Now, I don't like to admit how dirty this shower is, but part of the problem for the last 22 years is hard water.  It causes very crusty stuff, almost impossible to clean!
We have already made changes on that...
We purchased a SoPhTec water softening system. (email...magnetee@sbcglobal.net talk to Walt Davenport) It doesn't use salt! It uses magnets! It is the easiest and best system out there! It is extremely affordable, easy to install, and works quickly! No salt or maintenance! So, now, our new bathroom will not get that stuff...ick!
Oh, and don't get me started on the toilet....It is also the original. Dusty Rose, 3.8 gals per flush and it flushes all by itself...in the middle of the night for no reason...it is definitely time for a change!
Thank you for understanding about the mess...as you can see the exit has begun. Hubby has removed the knobs and almost everything is out...It is amazing what we keep in a bathroom!!
So, keep posted. The change is about to begin!


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Oh this is going to be good!! :) Thanks for the heads up! Following you along now - come link this project up at Feathered Nest Friday along the way too~ I bet there are a lot of folks who would enjoy seeing it!! :)

Brandi said...

Good luck with your renovations, Nancy! Thanks again for stopping by my blog!