Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Sunday diversion

Awww, the birds are singing with those sounds of spring. Even though, it looks like we will get some rain, spring fever has hit me too.
I have been going around scrubbing and cleaning...vacuuming is next by the way...
I changed the bed this morning and thought about the fact I haven't even mentioned one of my favorite treasures to look for at sales everywhere and on E-bay. That favorite is linen. Old linen is my weakness and when I find vintage linen sheets at a really great price, well, I often have a hard time resisting!
I read about sleeping on linen years ago. How you cans sleep better just being enveloped in linen. So, I set out collecting it. Let me say, it is true. We sleep deeper and better on linen. My husband snores less in linen!
It has a soft drape that cradles you and it is almost inexplicable!
We started with linen pillowcases that I made myself from skirts or long dresses...I mean, I didn't want to spend the many dollars but I wanted linen. So, thrift stores carry dresses and long linen skirts which I recreated into pillowcases. From there I wanted sheets. Now there are not any old fitted sheets, so I saved my dollars to buy those (I suppose great seamstresses can make them, but I drew the line there). The rest I have found on sale, or elsewhere.
Think of the linen guest towels and tablecloths.....

Old rectangular tablecloths can be recreated into pillowcases, or the extra long ones into sheets themselves! I have a great friend who found a huge old damask tablecloth at a thrift store for $10 and she uses it on her bed! She says the old Irish damask tablecloths are a dream to sleep in!
At this point, I know you are thinking, "but they get wrinkled!" This is true, but seriously, who cares? You can iron them if you want, but cotton sheets wrinkle too...and if you make your bed, who will see?? I take mine out of the dryer and fold them and put them away.
Now, I know what makers of linen sheets say...."wash and hang to dry and they will last longer", but I am a lazy housekeeper...sheets here go into the dryer....and they are lasting beautifully.
Another thing I have noticed...they clean up better...and I don't have to replace them! Eventually, I suppose the old ones I bought from E-bay that are so soft, they will break down...but they are so cuddly and warm and cozy.
Yes, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer....that is what we found.
Linen is hypoallergenic and it grows without all the stuff that has to be sprayed on cotton, so they are good for the environment.
It is more expensive...but if you watch for those rare can have the best night's sleep you have ever had!
   Adieu, I am off to vacuum!

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