Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spring seems to be coming...

Where we live, in Southern California, near the coast, we had warm weather. The trees are budding, leaves are starting to appear, and the birds are migrating....
My eyes are on the raised boxes. One has a few turnips that have pushed themselves out of the soil...time for them to come out. That box will be peas and beans I believe. The next box is raising beets and spinach as well as some garlic. The next box has only a few garlic plants. The boxes have used a lot of soil. Around here, we have to buy soil. We have adobe under these boxes and it is the only way to grow anything. It's not a big farm, but it is an Urban farm.
I receive the magazine, Hobby Farm Home. Oh so much fun and perfect for a FFA (frustrated farmer of America). I would love to have chickens, but our city no longer allows them. I would love to have goats, enough to make cheese, but aren't really allowed them....hummmm.
Life is hard in the suburbs. I find I envy those of you who have been able to get the farms. But, all is not lost. I have been able to espalier fruit trees and I am keeping other fruit trees small by keeping them potted...otherwise, "topiaried".
Nonetheless, we enjoyed Barbequed tri-tip and fresh from the garden spinach as a salad....pretty yummy!
Spring is definitely coming...early and fast.
How are the rest of you???

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