Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pass the paint please!

Ok, those who have followed my blog know that I have been painting more than sewing as of late...
yep, I have indeed.
This week I have finished up repairing a very broken sad little round table and it is ready to go. It's a wonderful old solid maple table that the top was in three pieces. We put it back together the best we could when it was warped and pretty sad. The base was painted first with "primer red" and then dry brushed with "old ochre". It was then thoroughly waxed and buffed for a new lifetime of use... pretty cute huh??

The appliques were applied by us, it just needed something....but it turned out pretty sweet I think.
So, today I began taking on the drop leaf table that I picked up at a garage sale. Afterall, it's finds like this that have made me go out garage "sale-ing" in the first place!
But the poor thing was terribly scuffed up and had some big gouges, so the big gouges were filled, and I began the process of cleaning and deciding what to paint this baby. It kept calling out for I bought a small Paris Grey sample pot. But, it is terribly light blue...I added graphite to make it darker, and for the most part that worked, but it is still very blue looking, sweet, but blue. But I went with it. The top needed something else. I was thinking straight graphite. So, the top is graphite. But, graphite is blue, dark blue, but blue. Hummmmm. So, I went to 'Round the where she has some recipes for color and found that to get black, one skips the clear wax and just does the dark wax! Well, we will see if I do that, but I found that reassuring. I will let the table dry overnight so the true color will be there in the morning...and we will see. I am thinking the wax will fix it. It will be charming...either way. It is so cute! It would do well in a kitchen as an impromptu island, or at the end of a peninsula counter, or behind a couch in a livingroom....because of it's drop leaf it offers all kinds of uses. In it's previous life I think it was where children sat because it has one side of its rails rubbed like feet were there. Kinda fun following history and trying to figure out what it's story was.....oh well....I will keep you up to date....

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