Monday, January 30, 2012 January!!

The weather has been unseasonably warm...spring like indeed!
I have been sweet husband went with me to get the big bags of potting soil we needed to fill the raised beds that were sorely lacking, so that the new crops could go in...
We first harvested 13 pounds of lemons....
Planted the pots we got a couple of weekends with primroses that were on sale at the Home Depot for $00.99! I had leftover allysum and put in the primroses. Then, put up a new trellis for peas, yup planted peas already! Why not?? It has been warm and no sign of frost for quite a while...worth the risk...right??
I planted a beefmaster tomato and put up the trellis for the raspberries...One is in the ground and three are on order.
The blueberries are promising this year...lots of blooms and berries already to go...amazing...With ten plants we should be able to get jam from all home grown berries!
I planted a few of the smaller pots and at the end of each raised bed is a pot with red geraniums...sweet!
All in all a good, no a great day!!

Have a great great day!!

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