Thursday, January 12, 2012

The farmhouse table

Well, for lack of a proper name, I am calling this table, the farmhouse table. Farmhouse tables must serve many uses and this one can. She was in need of TLC and a fresh outlook on life. So, she is finished.
I decided to go with the blue hue that Paris Grey gave me and what Graphite gave me. According to other blogs, if you wax directly with dark wax (skipping the clear wax) you get black. Ok. So first I did the base of the table with the standard two step treatment, even though it wasn't grey. With the dark wax one gets a flavor of grey, but it is still blue. Then came time for the top. I went for it. Taking a good amount of dark wax on the brush, I painted it on, and rubbed and rubbed some more. Yummy! It gives a delicious dark almost black look that seemed right for the farmhouse table.
So, I wouldn't want to knead bread on her...she is too distinguished, but she will be a great addition to any home farmhouse or not. I don't think I have room for her...I keep looking. I might try her in the kitchen as an island, but honestly she might be a bit dressy......

I am sorry my photography is not so great. But I think you get the "gist" of her....
Oh, and with leaves down she is 14" with the leaves up she is 47". Not bad for most uses. This one's wear showed that she had been up against a wall with a leaf up. Children were seated there, might have been a "littlese" table. There was old gum underneath from many many years ago....Funny.
Enjoy your day and share your projects!!


Boho Farm and Home said...

That table looks great!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That is a gate leg table. I love those.