Saturday, January 28, 2012

The butcher block kitchen's for keeps

Ok, so I have been busy!
First I wanted to let you know that "Miss Farmhouse" the table and the round maple table have gone on consignment to my friend, Patti, and her wonderful store "Truly Tattered". If you are in the neighborhood of Old Town Tustin, check it out!! There are some great stores and Patti is a great hostess!
So, with my garage a little more empty, I was able to start work on the butcher block table/island.
It needed a lot of sanding on the butcher block and scrubbing. The rest of the island just needed to be washed and was ready to be painted.
I wanted it to look old and started with a layer of Old White (ASCP) and then a light touch here and there of Old Ochre, with the intent that that would show through a bit. But, as I was working on it, it just was looking a little too forced. So, there is layer after layer of Primer Red. I might mention here, that when it is hot out, it is probably a good idea not to paint, it dries too fast. However, I kept going.
When I had enough of the primer red I waxed. Clear first. Then dark wax. I found for this project that a nice thick painting on of Dark Wax worked best then wiping it down to suit my taste. I wanted a '70's butcher block island to look old...
I think it turned out pretty good....what do you think?? Let me know.

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love the shape and size of that butcher block table. When I saw the picture I thought that was going to be the before and more pics were coming, but I see that is the after. It does look darker than the before in the post picture before this one. I would share pics of the process and close ups of the colors being used when you share a piece you work on and close ups of the finished piece and more shots. Just some helpful blogging suggestions.
I would love to have a table like that in my kitchen if I ever find one that size and a good price.