Monday, January 9, 2012

Beginning the Bathroom Reno

Okay, so here is the beginning of info about our Master Bathroom "reno". It is not a big bathroom. At first we asked about making it bigger. We wanted a bigger shower and slightly more foot space. But, all we would have gotten really was a bigger shower. It would have entailed moving the hot water heater and the furnace up into the attic. That my friends is EXPENSIVE. It can be done, but unless we wanted to entertain in the shower, why??
So, we agreed that our shower and vanity needed to be redone, upgraded and beautified. Along with the fact that the shower valve is shot and one has either too hot a shower or too cold, that became the final blow.
So, with the contractor picked we are going to begin in about 2-2 1/2 weeks. Everything we ordered for the bathroom is here. The final decision was to pick the counter top.
We decided a while ago to use a slab of something...but we weren't entirely sure what.
7-8 years ago I would have told you emphatically that we were going to have an all white bathroom, with Carrera marble etc. However, over the years I have been enjoying a taupe/beige color. Yes, the dreaded beige. Actually, it isn't beige. It is soothing. And the porcelain tile we picked isn't beige, though its name is. It has the look of stone without being stone. And, if you pair it with real stone it is quite, no, our bathroom is not white. I am however insisting on bead board. In a creamy white wainscoting fashion. It will give us the white that makes new white toilets and sinks make sense. Did I tell you about our pink toilet and sink that we have now? I didn't. Hummm..for the last 21, almost 22 years we have had pink toilets and sinks. In the master bath one sink. Let me show you....
 Yep, it's as vintage as they come. 1959. Dusty rose is the color. It's time to let them go. The toilet that I am not taking a picture of, is the same color and guzzles 3.6 gallons a flush. In fact, it sometimes flushes itself at night for reason at all.
As you can see I have been playing with chalk paint colors on the presently floating vanity. There is no storage really at all in this vanity. The new one will be awesome and is being made by hand to order for much less than I could imagine. It will have two cupboards and 4 drawers and have a French Country flair. The new faucets I ordered from Overstock for a tiny fraction of what is out there, so we could put more fancy things in the shower. By saving here we can spend a tad more there. By using touches of stone in the shower, and the rest porcelain tile, we can have what we are getting for the counter top. It is a French limestone! We also picked the limestone from the remnant section so we saved even more. In fact it is less than if we ordered tile!
As you can tell, I am excited. My hubby is too. Imagine we have been using a counter that is 32" tall, 17" deep and has very limited storage and is pink with black marble. After 21 almost 22 years, it's time. Don't you think??
I will tell more as we go....

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