Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Today, I spent time cleaning. Yeah, cleaning....but it felt good. I changed out decor and put all the Christmas things away...well, except for the chandelier shades and the chair covers. Those probably will be in place until after Feb. 14th. I dusted, vacuumed and mainly just puttered. I got in a little sewing...yippee! I did laundry and I painted....double yippee!
I am presently working on a little table I picked up at a thrift store...cute old piece. It's a round maple table. Well, it will be. The top was broken, totally split. But it is "fixable". I had my hubby help me get the top pieces off and I painted the leg portion. I painted it primer red and then went over it with old ochre. Until we glue the top, you don't get to see it.....but you will.
So, now the house feels clean and ready for the New Year. Happy New Year Everyone!! Stay healthy, safe and I will see you next year!!!

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