Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chalk Paint Love

I am addicted to chalk paint. Not just any paint, Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. No prep, no sanding, (ok so wiping a piece clean is a good idea), no fooling! Just paint, which let's face it is what we really want to do. So, our old brass chandelier over the dining table needed TLC as it was time to replace or now, it is a French Country Chic, and it cost a little time and about $4! Yep, and that's probably over calculating the cost....Here in the picture it is dressed with the red shades for Christmas, but you get the idea. It is also "flat" here, I antiqued it with a dark wax after the picture and now it is even more gorgeous!

What else you ask? Well, the WildOakDesigns "store" is a wardrobe that I received, that was once cherry and kinda "plain". Now it is French Country chic! I got to paint it in place (putting tape down first to protect carpet) and it took about 2 hours total and cost about $10 counting the vinyl appliques that I added. Those I purchased at Debra's Cottage a shop here in town (Debra' and voila!
Now, I find I am looking for things to paint....I have created mirrors for our soon to be redone bathroom and a multitude of frames and things...many of which wait for new homes in our store. all have a hand rubbed finish and are simply chic!

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