Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where did summer go??

Wow, where did summer go? It seems like just yesterday that we were out in the garden planting for summer veggies, and today I was cleaning up after all the summer crops. I planted 200 onion sets that I purchased and about 30 garlic sets. I am also roasting our pumpkins from the garden as well. We harvested 12 large Italian pumpkins from seed that I purchased from a 250 year old company. These pumpkins are fantastic. Great growers and producers!

See we at WildOakDesigns do not just sew all day...and if you look we have a new crop of Hollyhock seeds available. We also have some 4 o'clocks that have a fantastic fragrance, but a word of warning, once you have them, you have them forever, so be sure where you plant them! These plants develop huge giant taproots and though the plant itself breaks easily the main plant is below the surface and will come back. But in summer they are a delight!

We also had a great year for herbs and are working on offering some dried herbs.

Hope all goes well in your garden no matter how big or small.

Happy Halloween!