Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What to look for....

Today, I mailed out two more packages from WildOakDesigns. One to Oakland and one to Australia. It is interesting that so many more people are ordering gifts , whether for themselves or others, from online stores.

It makes sense actually, and I find I do that too. Why not? It saves time and money.

But what do we really look for?

Many of us just "Google" an item and see what turns up. Well, when we aren't sure where to start, why not? I have found that the first choice before "Googling" is a friendly referral. It is how we find the best doctors, dentists and yes, stores.

When we want integrity a referral is the best method. That is where twitter, facebook etc got started afterall.

So, with that in mind friendly referrals are very important. Take a look at the store site and see if there is a referral section as there is on Etsy. An even though Etsy now has a Facebook page and many of the shop owners have multiple referral areas, those are important to know what customers think. It can help find out quality, durability and style.

Online shopping is fun and so easy, the hard part is just waiting for the item to arrive. But it can be just like Christmas all year long.

We at WildOakDesigns strive for quality, durability and style. We are always perfecting the craft and since most items are one of a kind they are as special to us as they are to you.

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