Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall is coming!

As the garden gets straggly and almost finished off, I am making jams and freezing produce.
"Putting things up" is a pleasant task. Knowing that com Thanksgiving I already have organically grown green beans in the freezer and pumpkin puree for pies and muffins makes me feel so satisfied!
Another thing that is satisfying is knowing that there are gifts in the gift cupboard.
That is our hint of the day! Find a cupboard, place in a closet, or a trunk that can hold the gifts you find along the way. If you see something that someone would want, get it. Don't count on going back to get it. Then put a sticky note on the item and tuck it away. You can also make a master list somewhere on your computer. This is so helpful and avoids that last minute dash to get gifts!
Speaking of gifts, don't forget
There are lots of gifts there for most on your list! Special requests for items are welcome!
Best wishes!
The WildOakDesigns Team!

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